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Art, for me, is a powerful celebration of life. It serves as a refuge, a way of communicating emotion and exploring and rationalising the world as I experience it. I believe in the meaningful and uplifting impact of art. In my world, colour and contrast are key communicators of emotion. By creating art and deploying colour in a way that is truly personal to me, I aim to forge a deeper connection with others.

I’m a self-taught artist living in Stockport, Greater Manchester. After a ten-year career in language teaching, I decided to pursue my life-long passion for art, starting up my own business as an artist. I work from my family home in Bramhall, enjoying commissions, projects and exhibitions (details below).

I mainly paint with acrylics, using brushes, palette knives and pens, but I also love to draw, and I sometimes use a tablet and stylus to create digital paintings. My subject matter is varied, from landscapes and cityscapes to nature, abstract work and portraiture. I like this diversity to stretch me in different directions and I find that one type of work often informs another.

In portrait painting, I find the process of capturing a likeness extremely satisfying. I’m honoured that my portrait of Dr Katie Rogerson for Tom Croft’s #portraitsfornhsheroes initiative, was selected for Bloomsbury's fine art book ‘Portraits for NHS Heroes’ and my portrait of Midwife Deb Sivori, for a Covid Commemoration Exhibition is due for permanent display at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Many of my paintings and processes are on Instagram so if you are interested, you can follow here @k.patel.artwork

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​Member of Stockport Art Guild since 2017 - based at Stockport Art Gallery. Partaking in annual exhibition and attending weekly portrait sessions and reguar workshops (pre-covid).

Member of Instagram's international online art collective @thenewartrebellion  - participating in monthly online exhibitions featuring a range of contemporary and abstract work from around the globe.


Regular exhibitor at Technically Brilliant gallery in Warrington, Eden Gallery in Newburgh, Inch Arts Gallery in Altrincham and the Cotton on Manchester pop-up exhibitions in venues around Greater Manchester.

Named Cotton on Manchester's 'Manc of the Month' (Dec 2022).

Delivering a talk about my paintings and practice at Saul Hay Gallery

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