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Change the Story

  • Currently on show in my solo exhibition 'Returning' at Didsbury Parsonage (Stenner Lane, Didsbury, M20 2RQ - 0161 4457661). Please contact me or the gallery with enquiries.


    24" x 32" acrylic painting on canvas (framed in light floating frame). Can be purchased as a single painting or as part of a pair with 'Waterfall'.

    This is a piece is from a series of water-inspired paintings. As with its sister painting 'Waterfall', the starting point for it was a photo of a little weir in a stream. As I cropped and worked with the photos taken of the water, I was totally enthralled by the shapes, contrast, dynamism and movement and I wanted to translate this into a painting full of this life and energy and the beauty I saw.

    It works as a stand alone piece or paired with 'Waterfall' (as shown). I've presented it one way as a piece on its own, and another with a partner.

    We can make our own reference points. We can reframe things. We can turn things around. We can 'change the story'.




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